Robin telfian


Having grown up in a rural coal-mining town in western Kentucky, Robin was always aware of those living in poverty around her.  Her mother, Joan, collected bags of clothes and toys to give to local families in need. Robin witnessed at an early age that helping others was an important part of life.

She moved to Richmond to attend graduate school at VCU Brandcenter.  It was in Richmond that Robin met and then married Brad Telfian. They have two young sons, Oregon and Louden. 

After sending her youngest off to elementary school, Robin decided it was time to follow in her mother's footsteps and reach out to the community.  She began volunteering at Red Door Ministries, a local soup kitchen, and realized there was more to do- and she was ready. One afternoon, after a conversation with David Hewlett, a soup kitchen guest, Robin saw a tremendous opportunity to place new and gently used running shoes on the soles of those most in need. And, Soles2Share was born.



david hewlett


David Hewlett grew up in Richmond, VA, where he attended Armstrong High and enjoyed playing trumpet in the Marching Wildcat Band.  After school, he moved to Maryland where he joined the Job Corps and focused on Culinary Arts.  David returned to Richmond with a full time job at the John Marshall Hotel, an apartment and a bright future. 

He fell in love and things began to move in a different direction.  Drugs entered his life through his new relationship and things began spiraling downward: He lost his job, his apartment and ended up living on the streets for the next two years.  He had no self-worth, no security, and no future. Those two years were rough.

One day in 1989, David woke up and made his life changing decision to stop using drugs.  He has been clean and off the streets for TWENTY YEARS.  Currently, David lives in an apartment. Like many others living below the poverty line, David frequents the soup kitchens in the area. Those daily visits to the soup kitchens help him and others afford their monthly rent.  David spends his free time helping those who are still living on the streets. His motivation? To help others feel human again.


jeff wells


There are two things the Wells family loves: Running and Serving the community.  Jeff Wells, along with his son, Jason, and daughter in law, Ashley, are the owners and operators of two Fleet Feet stores in the Richmond area. 

Fleet Feet welcomes all runners, walkers, and fitness enthusiasts of all levels and offers unparalleled service and support.

In early 2017, Jeff's Church, St. Bridget Catholic Church, hosted a week of shelter through CARITAS.  One night while volunteering at the make-shift indoor shelter, Jeff sized a room full of men for running shoes.  He was moved by the opportunity to truly connect and help those in need.  By the end of the evening, Jeff knew he wanted to do more.

After an initial meeting with Robin in April 2017, they both realized they had the same goal; to size and fit those less fortunate with shoes.  Robin and Jeff decided to partner together with the ultimate goal of getting as many shoes on as many people in need as possible.